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Our Story

Local home made sweets!

Both of my grandma’s started teaching me to bake when I was 6 years old. There was nothing better than going to either grandma’s house to see what we might be doing for the day, especially in the kitchen.

As an adult looking back, I am certain my grandma’s must have been saints! They were patient beyond belief!

They let me try to do things on my own as they instructed and encouraged me even through mistakes and the occasional disaster.

Throughout my life I have continued to bake, remembering little tips I have learned, and the great memories created in their kitchens. Baking is my happy place. I can spend hours playing in the kitchen and look forward to seeing what I can make. Baking is something I have shared with many people over the years. All the positive feedback and repeat requests for things I have baked in the past continues to inspire me today. 

If you find yourself wanting home baked goods for any occasion, I would love to create something for you!  And maybe sweets from my kitchen will be a part of a happy memory in your future!

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